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Helping you take your medications on time, every time.
caregiver reminding senior woman for medication

Medication management plays a vital role in the daily lives of seniors with ailments and chronic health conditions. It is a service designed to help individuals (particularly the elderly) manage their medications so they can take the proper dosage on time, all the time. It also aims to reduce a patient’s risk of incorrect medication administration.

For some patients, using over-the-counter reminder devices is enough to ensure they take their medicine as prescribed. For others, however, more consistent and advanced reminders are necessary. In senior living communities and assisted living settings, however, patients receive medication management to ensure all medications are taken correctly and prescriptions are filled on time and.

Taking medication is easier if you have a professional by your side — a role Grand Strand Comfort Care can fill for you.

Why Medication Management Matters

However, we understand that remembering to take medications at the right time and at the right dosage can be a struggle. Many seniors struggle with the burden of scheduling and taking medications. As a result, they end up mistakenly taking several pills at different times per day. On the other hand, some elderly are unable to take all of their medications properly. Depending on the medication they consumed more than they should or missed, these circumstances can cause serious effects on a senior’s health.

Another issue seniors struggle with their medication is the side-effect of their medicine. Some elderly stop taking their medication because they don’t like how it makes them feel. Others are fearful of what will happen in case their cocktail of medicines interacts with each other.

This is where we can help.

Why Choose Us

At Grand Strand Comfort Care, our caregivers can remind you when it is time to take your medications. They can also assist with opening pill bottles and coordinating trips to the pharmacy to make sure that you don’t run out of medications.

The benefits of our medication management services include the following:

  • Better physical and mental outcome for the elderly
  • Less stress for the patient and their families. Everyone has peace of mind knowing that caregivers are helping the patient take their medication on time.
  • Reduced illnesses and deaths due to drug interactions or medication noncompliance
  • Save more money by cutting down on hospital stays and emergency room visits

Schedule your call with us today. Get in touch with us to learn more about our medication management services.

elderly couple and the two daughters