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When your aging loved one lives in a clean, organized home, they can enjoy greater health and an improved sense of total well-being. Keeping cupboards and refrigerators free of spoiled or expired foods can prevent food-borne illness. To avoid fire hazards, toasters, stoves, and other appliances must be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of oils or grease.

However, we understand that cleaning the home can become challenging due to advanced age, illness, or disability. Not all elderly still have the capacity to sweep floors, wipe down tables, or even organize their fridge. In addition, some struggle with preparing their own meals. Seniors experiencing involuntary muscle movement are at risk of injuring themselves during meal preparation.

This is where Grand Strand Comfort Care can help.

We can assist with light housekeeping tasks, such as washing dishes, trash disposal, kitchen cleaning, laundry and ironing, changing linens, and more. We can also make sure that your loved one eats fresh, healthy meals prepared according to their preferences and dietary requirements.

Light Housekeeping

Seniors often require assistance with keeping their homes clean. Grand Strand Comfort Care’s elderly housekeeping caregiver team in Myrtle Beach can help your loved ones with cleaning tasks to maintain a healthy environment.

While we are not a full housekeeping service provider, we can still help with simple cleaning tasks such as:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Wiping down counters
  • Assisting with pet care
  • Changing of linens
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Doing the laundry and ironing

Light Housekeeping Considerations

Does your loved one have a specific way of folding their sheets? Do they have a preference for cleaning products? No problem. Our housekeeping team can adapt to your requirements. Let us know how your loved one would like us to clean their home.

Meal Preparation

Our meal prep services for the elderly in Myrtle Beach include everything: from planning out the meals to cooking these meals. Our caregivers can cook whatever your loved one feels like eating (as long as their requests abide by their specific dietary needs or restrictions).

During our meal preparation service, our caregivers:

  • Go grocery shopping
  • Create meal plans
  • Cook or reheat meals
  • Wash the dishes
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen

Meal Preparation Considerations

We understand that plenty of seniors have dietary restrictions — low-sodium diets, high-protein diets, low-sugar diets, etc. Our meal preparation assistance experts work with Myrtle Beach seniors and their loved ones to create healthy meal plans that meet their nutritional requirements.

The kitchen can also be a dangerous place for the elderly due to the high cabinets, heavy objects, and hot appliances. We’ll prepare the meals on behalf of our clients for their safety.

Your Choice Provider of Elderly Care Services

Our priority is to improve our clients’ quality of life. In our training, we spend a lot of time discussing how we can positively impact your loved one’s life. Our caregivers are encouraged to do simple things that will brighten our clients’ days. We make them feel special by talking to them about their thoughts, buying them small mementos, and other simple acts of service.

Learn more by calling us at (843) 970-1963 you can schedule an appointment now.

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